The Role of Hospice Care for Your Loved One

person holding hand of elderly patient in bed

Caring for a loved one during their final stages of life is a challenging and emotional time. At Sunset Senior Living, we understand what you’re going through. We aim to provide comprehensive care for your loved one to make their journey as comfortable as possible. Hospice care plays a crucial role in this process and…

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Compassionate Care from Sunset Senior Living

Compassionate nurse holding the hands of an elderly woman while both are sitting down and looking at each other

As people age, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that our loved ones receive the care they need. For many people, this means finding a facility where they can feel safe, comfortable, and well-cared-for. Sunset Senior Living ensures all of our residents receive the best care possible while maintaining a high quality of life. We…

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Why It’s Important for Seniors to Stay Involved

senior women playing board game together

It’s not easy to transition to living in a nursing home or senior living center. Many seniors fear that they will lose their independence and won’t be able to maintain a social life. However, seniors who stay involved in activities and their nursing home community actually have a better quality of life, both physically and…

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Five Ways to Make Moving into a Nursing Home Easier

Grandma sitting beside her granddaughter in a park.

Change can be hard, especially when it involves a major life event. Leaving behind familiar things and routines can be unsettling, but the transition can be made smoother with a little preparation. At Sunset Senior Living, we understand the anxieties and nervousness that can come with moving to a retirement home, so we’ve put together…

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Thanking Our Nurses for Compassion and Care

nursing holding hand of resident

At Sunset Senior Living, our team of dedicated nurses and health providers work around the clock to provide quality care for our residents. It is our priority to ensure our residents receive the highest quality of life possible with exceptional care, support, and compassion. We appreciate our current staff members and the hard work they…

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Tips for Admission into a Nursing Home

caregiver holding hands with senior woman inside care facility

The Baby Boomer generation, born between 1946 and 1964, is one of the largest in United States history. As people in this generation continue to age, they’re now looking more and more into long-term and retirement care options. Currently, experts are concerned about the number of beds available in nursing homes across the country. The…

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Is a Nursing Home Right for Dementia Patients?

nursing home, dementia, socialization.

You may be facing the difficult decision of whether or not to place your elderly parent in a nursing home. If your loved one is suffering from dementia, this can make the choice even more challenging because they don’t realize the changes happening to them and could be highly resistant. It’s natural for them and…

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