Original Sunset Home Building

History of Sunset Senior Living

More than 130 years ago, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pfeiffer had a strong desire to provide care and shelter for the elderly so they offered their modest home at 418 Washington in Quincy to several older people who needed loving care through their remaining days. The Pfeiffers realized the need for such care was larger than what they had expected, so they offered the home to the St. Louis German Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. They sent a proposal offering to donate their home and its contents to the conference if the membership agreed to continue the residence as a home for the aged. The conference voted to accept the gift and in December of 1889 the home was incorporated.

Charles & Augusta Pfeiffer

Today, life at Sunset Senior Living provides a complete range of living opportunities and services while maintaining the vision the Pfeiffer’s had when they opened their doors….a positive, respectful place for seniors to enjoy meaningful living!

Historical Photo of Sunset Home