How to Help Seniors with No Appetite Improve Eating Habits

senior woman in wheelchair with a health visitor sitting at the table at home

As we age, appetite and hunger sensations begin to decline. It can be harder to tell when we’re hungry, and eating may become a second thought. Seeing loved ones go through this experience can be overwhelming and alarming, especially when it starts to lead to significant weight loss or nutritional deficiencies. One of the most…

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Your Donation Matters: Holiday Preparation

hand handing heart to another hand

As the beginning of November quickly approaches, our staff at Sunset Senior Living are preparing to give our residents another joyful holiday season. We know the holidays can be tough for some families, and we do our best to bring happiness and comfort to our entire Sunset community. However, we can’t do it alone. Generous…

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What to Expect from Short Term Rehab

Nurse Looking At Patient Using Walker In Rehab Center

Sunset Senior Living offers professional short term rehabilitation services to those recovering from an illness, surgery, accident, or other serious medical event. Our staff is trained to provide around the clock nursing care to make your stay comfortable, safe, and productive. Each recovery process is unique, so our services are tailored to the individual needs…

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Tips to Maintain Brain Health During Retirement Living

elderly woman's hands putting together jigsaw puzzle

Maintaining brain health is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Especially as we get older, it’s important to get into a routine of taking care of our brains. It’s never too early to start exercising the most important organ in your body, and it doesn’t take much effort to start training. In this…

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Signs It May be Time for Assisted Living

woman smiling in her apartment

As your loved one ages, you may begin to see changes in their personality, behavior, or overall health. These changes could be subtle, and it’s important to recognize when someone may need additional help. We understand that this is a difficult time. If you are currently questioning whether your loved one needs additional help, we…

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Helping Seniors Recover with Restorative Nursing

man smiling at nurse

WHAT IS RESTORATIVE NURSING Restorative nursing focuses on helping residents achieve as much independence as safely possible. Usually following release from physical, occupational, or speech rehabilitation services, restorative nursing programs help individuals transition what they’ve learned from therapy into their daily activities. Residents are also encouraged to retain the skills they’ve learned in the event…

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Ways to Enjoy Retirement Living

woman smiling with plant in greenhouse

When many people think about retirement, they idealize a happy and stress-free life. Retirement offers the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. However, with so much free time comes the responsibility to manage it resourcefully. To help you enjoy retirement living to the fullest, we’ve put together a few ways to manage…

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Hospice Care at Sunset Senior Living

Older woman holding nurses hand on upper chest

Quality of life at the end of life is our top priority for Hospice Care. We understand how hard it is to watch a loved one go through a life-limiting, end-stage illness as they near death, and we are here to support you through all of it. Hospice Care could be recommended for your loved…

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Assisted Living at Sunset

Sunset Assisted Living

Assisted living at Sunset Senior Living is designed to provide oversight that is tailored to the needs of each resident. The needs and wishes of our residents run the gamut from wanting privacy and independence as much as possible to having help as much as assisted living allows, and both choices are just fine! We…

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Sunset’s Life Enrichment Program

Life enrichment Program

Sunset Senior Living is staffed by people who are dedicated to providing compassionate care to our residents. We want their twilight years to contain as much joy and activity as we can fit into them. That is why we have our life enrichment program, which provides activities and other amenities to our seniors so they…

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