Rehabilitation Services

Resore your routine

Rehabilitation Services

Sunset Senior Living’s dedicated Short-Term Rehab Facility can help you get back on your feet quickly, restore your strength, and aid in your recovery so you can return to the activities you love. Powered by ONR, Inc., we offer a full range of long and intensive short-term rehabilitative therapies, including physical therapyoccupational therapyspeech therapy and restorative care.

Rehabilitation Benefits

In-patient rehabilitation through Sunset Senior Living’s rehab facility can make life much easier. As you go through the recovery process, travel and daily functions can be dangerous. We help reduce that risk with tailored rehab services specific to each individual’s needs in a residential setting where you can be comfortable and safe with the help of our certified rehab team. We are proud to help you reach your goals so you can lead a full and productive life in your own home and surroundings.

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Enjoy a comfortable and inviting environment at our rehab facility as you heal and restore your routine.

  • Selection of private rooms with upscale amenities.
  • 24-hour skilled nursing care
  • Dedicated therapy team
  • Available in-room therapy
  • Private dining room
  • Meals provided, plus snacks
  • Cable television
  • Housekeeping & laundry services
  • Open-ended visiting hours
  • Religious services & spiritual care
  • Transportation to follow-up medical appointments


We offer a variety of specialized services utilizing state-of-the-art therapy equipment to help you get back to the things you love best.

  • Rehabilitation for knee, hip or other joint replacement or repair procedures
  • Rehabilitation for a decline in independence following hospitalization
  • Intravenous antibiotics
  • Intensive physical, occupational & speech language therapies
  • Strengthening & reconditioning
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Restorative Care
Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists provide evaluation, treatment and ongoing assessment to improve mobility, decrease pain and improve strength and balance. Our sessions include:

  • Fall prevention/balance activities
  • Safety with ambulation & transfer
  • Body mechanics & joint protection training
  • Joint mobility/tone management
  • Pain management
  • Community re-entry training
  • Caregiver/family instruction

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists offer specialized assistance in learning skills that enable residents to lead more independent and productive lives. Therapists help restore functional activities of daily living (ADLs).

  • Environmental adaptations to increase safety & independence
  • Dressing, grooming & toileting
  • Safety & endurance for ADLs
  • Adaptive equipment provision & training
  • Assistive device/wheelchair fitting & training
  • Body mechanics & joint protection training in ADLs
  • Vision & hearing assistive devices
  • Joint mobility/tone management
  • Sensory sStimulation
  • Caregiver/family instruction

Speech Therapy

Speech Language Pathologists provide ongoing treatment in a program that includes screening, evaluation and therapy for language, voice articulation and fluency disorders. Our Speech Therapists specialize in addressing dysphagia (swallowing disorders), which is a critical component of overall therapeutic treatment. Our sessions include:

  • Expression & comprehension
  • Attention/orientation
  • Reasoning
  • Memory training
  • Vocal quality
  • Oral motor strength & range of motion
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Diet changes & alterations
  • Compensatory swallow technique training

Restorative Care

The restorative program at Sunset Senior Living is for those residents that no longer qualify for skilled therapy services. The goal is to help residents to maintain their highest level of functioning and restore activity.

Our restorative nurses and certified nursing assistants work closely with our physical therapy staff to maximize our residents’ level of independence and functioning and promote their safety. Personalized programs, such as how to move from a wheelchair to a bed or strengthening exercises, are developed for each resident depending on their need.

Orthopaedic & Neurological Rehabilitation

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