COVID-19 Updates

We continue to make changes to policies and procedures based on changes with the new COVID-19 guidelines. Read below for the latest news from Sunset Senior Living.

September 24, 2021 Visiting Update

We have reopened to indoor visitors today! The Adams County Health Department has lifted their recommendation on the suspension of indoor visitation. Going forward at this time these are the guidelines for indoor visitation. Visitors must be screened when entering the building. This screening can be self-reported. The form for this is at the front…

COVID-19 Policy Update

Change in definition for higher risk exposure Visitors may self-screen and self-report whether or not they have a temperature Residents may have outdoor visits during outbreak if 1st round of testing is complete and results are back N95s and goggles must be worn on the units while the facility is in outbreak and/or when the county…

0 Positive COVID Residents

We currently have 0 COVID positive residents. Outdoor visit procedures remain same as our 8/18/21 update.

COVID-19 Outdoor Visiting Procedures Update

We have updated our outdoor visiting procedures: Outdoor visits may be conducted during the hours the front desk is open The visitor must self-screen and attest to no COVID symptoms, or recent COVID exposure 2 areas in front of the big windows will be set up so that 2 residents may receive visitors at the…

6 COVID Positive Residents

We currently have 6 COVID positive residents. Outdoor visits have resumed. Please call our front desk at 217-223-2636, option 0 to schedule a visit.