N95 Masks

September 1, 2021

COVID-19 Policy Update

  • Change in definition for higher risk exposure
  • Visitors may self-screen and self-report whether or not they have a temperature
  • Residents may have outdoor visits during outbreak if 1st round of testing is complete and results are back
  • N95s and goggles must be worn on the units while the facility is in outbreak and/or when the county positivity rate is above 5%
  • Residents that are a new admit, re-admit, out of the building more than 24 hours or believed to have had a higher risk exposure will be quarantined in droplet/contact precautions for 14 days regardless of vaccination status. The only exception is if the resident has had active COVID in the last 90 days.
  • All residents should be masked when they are out of their rooms, during visits, and while staff are in their rooms if they are able to tolerate it. If they can’t tolerate a mask, attempt a face shield. If they can’t tolerate that either, document in the nurse’s notes.
  • Surgical masks are to be disposed of once taken off and replaced with a new one when put on. For example, throw away surgical mask when going outside for break. Pick up a clean one for the trip back to the unit. Throw away when donning N95.
  • See- updated Outdoor visitation
  • If only 1 unit is in outbreak, communal dining and group activities may resume for units that are not affected. If more than 1 unit is in outbreak, all communal dining in MDR and group activities in Villa View will be cancelled until we have 14 days with no new positive staff or residents.
  • Beauty shop can still operate while in outbreak. It must pause with one new positive case. Services can resume after one round of testing has been completed and results are back. More than 1 vaccinated person may be in the beauty shop at one time with a mask and social distancing. If the resident is unvaccinated, they must be the only resident in the beauty shop.