Sunset Assisted Living

April 6, 2022

Assisted Living at Sunset

Assisted living at Sunset Senior Living is designed to provide oversight that is tailored to the needs of each resident. The needs and wishes of our residents run the gamut from wanting privacy and independence as much as possible to having help as much as assisted living allows, and both choices are just fine! We are here to make our residents feel heard and in control of their life as much as they want to be or can be. 


When should you choose assisted living?


Assisted living is perfect for elders that are able to get through their day only needing help with household chores, laundry, hygiene, medications, or meals. Assisted living is also a good idea when an elder is independent but prone to falls or accidents. It provides peace of mind to the family to know that their loved elder is under our supervision and able to call for help from trained staff should something happen. 


What are the benefits of assisted living?


Aside from the safety and security mentioned above, one of the best benefits of assisted living is being social. Elders are able to make friends, and participate in activities, games, religious services, and parties. Another benefit is nutrition. A go-to for an elder living alone at home are meals you microwave which is high in sodium and low in nutritional value. Sunset Senior Living creates delicious food that is highly nutritious and served restaurant-style. 


What is the difference between assisted living and nursing residents?


Assisted living focused on the independent elder that just needs a few things to help them day-to-day. A nursing home resident needs advanced health care that keeps them from being independent. This can vary widely but can involve mobility, incontinence, memory care, and more. 


Why should you choose Sunset Senior Living for assisted living care?


The staff at Sunset Senior Living are committed to providing whatever level of care your loved one needs with dignity, compassion, and care. Our facilities are bright, clean, and cheerful and we focus on the quality of the time they spend with us every day. Call us to start a discussion about what your loved one might need and how we can provide for those needs.