Life enrichment Program

March 2, 2022

Sunset’s Life Enrichment Program

Sunset Senior Living is staffed by people who are dedicated to providing compassionate care to our residents. We want their twilight years to contain as much joy and activity as we can fit into them. That is why we have our life enrichment program, which provides activities and other amenities to our seniors so they can avoid boredom and always have something to look forward to. 

Playing Games at Sunset

Let’s be honest, one of life’s greatest joys is good food, and eating nutritious well-prepared food is more than just another meal for a senior citizen. It’s how they stay healthy and active. They sit down with their friends and break bread – chat, reminisce and laugh. It’s hard to feel good in that moment when you are eating bad food. We pride ourselves on serving delicious food here at Sunset!


Life Enrichment ProgramFor activities – we have multiple scheduled every day of the week! We do crafts, listen to music, talk about history, play games and attend church services (to name just a few). For Valentine’s day, we had glamour shots taken of our residents, just for fun! We don’t want our residents sitting alone in their rooms in front of the TV all of their waking hours so we try really hard to provide activities they genuinely enjoy and will draw them in.


The older generations have always dressed and groomed to impress. No trip to the grocery store existed without a coat of lipstick or a splash of cologne. They had fancy outfits for special occasions and dresses and suits were the norm. Nothing has changed for them as they have grown older so we have a salon on campus that provides all the hair care they could need, as well as nail care and pedicures from the staff. It feels good to be put together and we provide every opportunity we can to every one of our residents to do just that. 


Check out our life enrichment page to see everything we offer to our residents as well as catch up on our newsletters and check the calendar to see what’s going on this month. As we’ve stated in previous blogs, our goal is to change your mind and the mind of the senior in your life about what a retirement home is. Sunset Senior Living is a happy place where life is enjoyed and our residents are safe and well taken care of with compassion and care.