Sunset’s Apartments and Villas

November 1, 2021

Sunset’s Apartments and Villas

Aging well is a blessing. A senior citizen who is still able to cook for themselves and do basic housework can maintain a significant amount of independence and stay in their home. If they’re lucky enough to live in a home that can age with them and accommodate their changing needs, that’s even better. 

Homes can be retrofitted to allow for safety. Depending on the needs of the specific person, this can be a few easy changes like grab bars in the bathroom and removing trip hazards, but if your needs are more intense, the cost to make all the changes needed could be daunting, and structurally making changes to a home might not be a good idea long-term. 

If a senior is finding it hard to navigate steps, use the bathroom for hygiene or otherwise, get in and out of bed etc. you should consider the independent lifestyle options at Sunset Senior Living. This type of accommodation is perfect for seniors who can basically live independently, but staying in their home presents too many hazards or it’s just too difficult with their special challenges. 

Even a completely healthy senior can have trouble with their balance, and not be as aware of their surroundings. Many things can go wrong, but the most common is falls. All the rooms in the house can present fall hazards, but the bathroom is the worst. Getting in and out of the tub, getting on and off the toilet – all present opportunities to lose balance and fall. And stairs need no further explanation in regards to falls. 

Seniors who break a hip can experience long-term chronic pain, can become dependent on a wheelchair and it can affect their life expectancy. It is very important to avoid falls as much as possible for the aging. 

The great news is that the independent living options at Sunset are built with the disabled in mind. Wheelchair accessible, and created to keep seniors safe and as free from falls as possible. These apartments and villas come with options for appliances but still allows the senior to bring their own personal furniture so it’s more like home. Other options are an emergency call system, garage space, and access to the services available at the main campus. Utilities are included in the price – the only extras that you would need to pay for are cable, telephone, or wifi. 

One huge barrier that might keep seniors in their homes too long is pets. No one wants to leave their little friends behind no matter what their age is. Sunset understands and allows vaccinated pets in their apartments and villas. It is possible to get the safety you need, and bring along your own comfy couch and furbaby to share it with. Contact us today to discuss options, Sunset Senior Living wants to make your retirement years absolutely wonderful, surrounded with compassion and kindness.