Respite Care

December 28, 2021

Respite Care

As the child of a senior citizen, you might find yourself in the position of caring for your elderly parents and working a full-time job. Maybe you are really lucky and can stay at home with them and care for them full time! It’s true though, that no matter how you are adjusting to caring for an aging parent or parents, you love them with all your heart and want the best for them.


At Sunset, we understand that you might need help and we want to be there for you and your parents whenever you need us. We offer respite care on an as-needed or daily basis, which means that we will care for your loved one while you are at work or if you just need some time for self-care, to recharge your own batteries so you have the energy to give to your family like you want to. 


Respite care is a respite for YOU, where you don’t have to worry about mom and dad. We care for them with compassion and ensure that while they are in our care they are eating delicious foods and snacks, being social, and are safe from harm. We keep them as active as possible and feel that we contribute to a high quality of life for your loved ones. 


It’s tough when you become the caregiver for the people who have always cared for you. They were always the decision-makers for themselves and taught you how to be an independent adult. But it’s natural and normal as we age to need supervision and care, and can no longer be left alone at home. It’s ok! You’ve got this, and we’ve got you! Contact us and we can discuss options, and what your parents’ particular needs are. We truly want to provide the care they need and the respite you deserve.