Nursing home

December 13, 2021

Let Us Change Your Mind

Typically, nursing homes get a lot more contacts from family members around the Holidays. The family goes home to visit their elderly mom and dad, and they see that they aren’t keeping the house as clean as it should be, or mom and dad don’t look as mobile and healthy as they used to. Families these days are split up geographically quite often, and with a typical two-person working household, or single parenthood, it’s tough to keep as close an eye on grandma and grandpa as you would want to. 


We no longer live in a world where the nuclear family has a stay-at-home mom who can always be available to family members for support. It’s the world we live in and no one’s fault. There is so much guilt associated with aging family and what to do as they age and begin to need more help. Especially when they are saying loudly that they do not want to go into a nursing home under any circumstances. 


Sunset Senior Living wants to change that point of view. There are so many wonderful things at Sunset that improve the lives of our residents. Not only do we provide peace of mind regarding the health and safety of the elderly for themselves, but we provide that for their families. You know with us they are well-fed, clean, and given every opportunity to socialize and make the most of their twilight years. We have all sorts of options for every level of need, and senior citizens can be as independent with us as they are capable of. 


The elderly deserve to age with grace. It’s time to change the way some people view elder care as not a miserable thing, but as a good thing they have earned and deserve. We here at Sunset want to surround your elderly loved one with compassion and kindness. Contact us to discuss options, and to hear firsthand our philosophy and how making the decision to enter into a nursing home is a positive thing, ensuring high quality of life, friends, entertainment, and the best physical health possible for your loved one.