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April 24, 2023

Is a Nursing Home Right for Dementia Patients?

You may be facing the difficult decision of whether or not to place your elderly parent in a nursing home. If your loved one is suffering from dementia, this can make the choice even more challenging because they don’t realize the changes happening to them and could be highly resistant. It’s natural for them and you to worry about their quality of life if they are living away from family and friends in an unfamiliar environment. However, there are many benefits that come with placing your aging parent in a nursing home that provide specialized care for those with dementia – including basic care, socialization opportunities, emotional support and more. And that unfamiliar environment soon becomes full of people they know and trust, and their personal space becomes as safe and comforting as their own living room. 

Basic Care is Taken Care Of

When it comes to basic care needs such as eating healthy meals regularly or taking medications on time – these tasks can become increasingly difficult as dementia progresses. Nursing homes have staff members who specialize in providing 24-hour assistance with activities like bathing and dressing along with other daily needs such as eating meals on a schedule or keeping their room clean so seniors don’t have to exhaust themselves trying to do them alone.  We also ensure that all medical appointments are kept up-to-date while providing access to physical therapy services when needed; something hard for families caring at home by themselves and with a busy schedule themselves.

Keeping Them Busy

Socialization is another important factor when considering options for someone suffering from dementia – especially since isolation has been linked directly contributing towards depression among these patients. Having regular contact with people outside immediate family helps reduce anxiety levels, foster positive mental wellbeing and encourages participation in activities designed specifically to help stimulate cognitive functioning. With trained professionals around the clock, residents at Sunset receive ample opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and participate in fun group activities – giving them a chance to interact with others of similar age and backgrounds rather than feeling isolated and stuck inside four walls day after day. They can talk about their past, listen to the music they enjoy, or just watch TV together. 

Supporting Their Emotions

Finally, being placed within a supportive environment provides much needed emotional support when individuals become more and more disoriented and need help to know what is happening and where they are. Particularly in the evening and overnight, dementia patients can become extremely agitated and confused, and with the 24 hour care provided by Sunset, they will have that care from a professional whose sole purpose is to care for our patients with compassion. They can talk to a professional about their fears, and their peers as well. All while knowing that they have a schedule that they can rely on, that they are clean and have a full belly, that they have their own space they can retreat to whenever they feel overwhelmed, and that they are going to be accepted and cared for no matter what happens. 


As much as you love your mom or dad, you are not a healthcare professional, and that’s ok. Sunset is staffed with people who are trained to spot potential health issues that may be happening that you wouldn’t notice, allowing for treatment as quickly as possible. A simple bladder infection can go unnoticed for weeks in a home setting, and can lead to serious complications for an elderly person. 

Grooming is important for all of us and Sunset has a beauty/barber shop on site. Amongst all of the other appointments required as we age, so is a trip for a haircut or trim. What a relief to see mom or dad with neat hair and (dare we say it) tamed eyebrows. 

Faith is vitally important to the aging, and we understand that fully. We have a chapel and a pastoral program in our facility that all are welcome to attend, where they can gain the support and love found in their love of God. 

In Conclusion

Growing old is no easy task, and adding the challenges of dementia to it makes it even more difficult. It’s difficult for mom or dad to lose control of all of the things they have always taken care of, to have normal daily tasks become monumentally difficult – and it’s hard to watch it happen. We understand that. We care for our residents with the compassion they deserve. Schedule an appointment or call to explore your options at Sunset, take a tour, or start the admission process.